Frequently asked questions:

Q: How it is possible to contact you?
A: Please use form and links on this page.

Q: What is the price for instrument?
A: Price is negotiated specifically for each instrument or for specific scale. Please contact us to finetune details that may possibly influence final price.

Q: What includes price?
A: Price includes instrument itself. Every instrument automatically gets soft case. If there is any hard case available to offer, it is for additional price based on type and supplier of hard case. Price also includes one tuning session of freshly built instrument which detunes over time. This tuning service do not cover repair of damaged instrument. Optionally there are low and high stand available. Further information about them can be found in page related to “Accessories“.

Q: How safe it is to send instruments via delivery service?
A: Instrument is packed in soft case that is meant to be used for long time along with instrument. Then it is placed in specially prepared box, please see this page. Plus remained space is filled with foam. Package is also insured as it is provided by selected delivery currier.  Please keep this box for possible future sending to retune or for different reason to be able to ship instrument.

Q: How to uniquely identify instrument? For example for insurance purposes?
A: Production date is unique on every instrument. There are no two instruments with same date of production and it is engraved on bottom side under note #1 where mark on rim is made.

Q: Is there any special treatment required to handle this instrument?
A: It is necessary keep in mind that any strong hit on instrument surface may cause detuning of it. Also various weather conditions may cause some surface corrosion. More info can be found on this page.

Q: What to do when rust will appear on surface of instrument?
A: First remove mechanically existing rust with some alcohol based solvent. Then apply new layer of protection oil. Best oil to choose is some gun protection oil. No need to put too much oil as long it can lower sustain of notes. In emergency cases, when you do not have proper oil, you can use cocoanut oil or similar oil to make quick protection, but once it is possible, remove this oil and apply proper oil protection.

Q: Is it possible to make additional graphics on instrument?
A: Yes. It has to be agreed in advance so that all templates will be ready and way how customer wants it. This kind of service is evaluated specifically for each case and additional price is estimated. Example please see here.

Q: What is the size of instrument?
A: Recently we are making instruments with 50cm and 53cm diameter.

Q: What are recent constraints in choosing of scale to make?
A: For given size of shell there is impedance around B4 for 50cm diameter and Bb4 for 53cm diameter. Thus this is problematic note and it is not possible to make. It is meant for note itself, but sometimes it causes problems as another partial of note, like E3 ding having B4 as fifth. There are couple successful attempts to make B3 note with B4 octave.

Q: What are ranges of notes recently offered?
– ding from C3 to G3
– lowest note in circle F#3
– highest note in circle so far made was D#5, highest note probably will stay E5
– notes in circle 7-9 depending on material and scale how many low notes are there, need to evaluate specifically for each scale request

Q: Do you make your own shells? It is possible to purchase shells only?
A: Yes, instruments made under this mane are made from shells of internal production. Recent capacity of shells production is only to cover internal needs, thus it is not possible to purchase shells only. If it will change, its offer will appear in another part of this web site.

Q: Why there is sometimes foam inside of instrument?
A: There are more reasons, but main reason is to eliminate any unwanted resonances. If this foam falls off or was removed by any reason, it will cause hearable presence of previously dumped frequencies.

Q: Do you provide tuning service of instrument produced by another maker?
A: Tuning services are available after personal negotiation. There are certain instrument makers that are following their techniques and for other maker it is sometimes impossible to follow same path. First please write email to that we will see what is possibly feasible.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.