Positions within club

As part of the club life its members hold their positions so their roles and responsibilities are described here.

Changing the scope of responsibilities and competencies are reserved.

  • Full member of the club
    • The most common form to be used by those who wish to rent the instrument and for this purpose pre-paid credit is used to possibly rent instrument, or single rent payment is made upon instrument pickup.
    • This form of cooperation is mainly meant to generate capital to support club activities
  • Ambassador
    • The person responsible for the operation of the club activities in the city in which he operates and for this activity he is entitled get share of reward of the turnover of the club, which he manages.
    • Ambassador can be anyone who:
      • Demonstrate sufficient potential of its surroundings to rent instruments by managing enough pre-paid credits
      • Manages basic activities associated with the operation of the club in his place by
        • Ensuring that one who wants to rent instrument will get it in time and in good condition
        • picking up instruments at the end of the rent time
        • Making periodical control of instrument – the state of the surface, state of tuning …
        • Making local meetings for the purpose of promotion and training
  • Bandsman
    • Musician or a player who has his dedicated instrument, he is familiar with it, it is in the long-held basis
    • Is obliged to participate oh rehearsals and on scheduled performances
  • Volunteer / sympathiser
    • Any person who wishes to help the club activities, within their means, forms of assistance may include:
      • To assist in the promotion of club activities
      • Helping to create a musical repertoire
      • Helping to organise events
      • Any other necessary assistance
    • The reward can be
      • Instruments provided for a certain period of time
      • Priority access to events organised by the club
      • As far as club possibilities are it can be paid position
  • Arrangement
    • He helps to create a repertoire of songs that are rehearsed within local orchestra
    • He has access to all the instruments in the orchestra
    • He helps define the direction of the local club orchestra
    • Helps to define which instruments to be currently produced
    • He has the right to decide how instruments are distributed within orchestra
  • Builder
    • Man who produces instruments for club and other activities
    • He takes care of instruments in the club
    • Tunes the instruments that require it
    • Cooperates in production technology and in tuning process