Scales of instruments

There are endless count of musical scales, that are used for many years, or have been introduced just recently. Intention is to try and create as much scales as possible to experience taste of various parts of world and different cultures. Obviously there is need to accept all physics and space limits that comes along with this kind of instrument, for more info please refer to FAQ.

If there is some scale, that is enough interesting that is worth trying to make it and play with, let us know!

As motivation see next list of scales:

It is worth to mention scales already built:

Name / NázovNotes / NotySize / Velkost
Anna ZiskaC#/ G# A B C# D# E F# G#53cm
D Celtic 9D / A C D E F G A C D53cm
D Kurd 8D / A Bb C D E F G A53cm
D CelticD / A C D E F G A C50cm
D Celtic 9 StainlessD / A C D E F G A C D50cm
D Kurd MinorD / A Bb C D E F G A50cm
E Kurd 9E / B C D E F# G A B D53cm
F KurdF / C Db Eb F G Ab Bb C50cm
F SaByeF / Bb C D E F G A C50cm
F OxalistF / A Bb C D F G A C50cm
D Orion / Hijaz - StainlessD / A C D Eb F# G A C D50cm
G AvalonG / Bb C D Eb F G Bb C D50cm
KhamseenG / B C D Eb F G Ab C50cm
LydianF / Bb C D E F G A Bb50cm
D MysticD / A Bb D E F A C50cm
E SaByeE / A B C# D# E F# G#50cm
Summer RainF / A Bb C D E F A50cm
HarmonicF# / A C# D E# F# G# A C#50cm
RomanianF / Bb C C# E F G G# C50cm
LydianG / C D E F# G A B C50cm
Big BearF / Bb C Eb F G Ab C Eb50cm
DorianF / Bb C Db Eb F G As50cm
Magic VoyageF / G# C D# F G C# C 50cm