How to get instrument

There are endless possibilities that this instrument opens. It all starts with experience only by listening to the instrument. Every other aspect has only enhanced this initial experience. Be able to play this instrument should not be just a matter of the privileged ones who have enough money and happiness to get this instrument. Certainly in a wide range of people there will be someone who would be able to play this wonderful instrument, but it will be never discovered because it will be impossible for them to get one.

Besides all of the positive aspects of this instrument there is big number of fraudsters and speculators who are trying to earn or somehow get some benefits to their advantage. Such a mentality has to be stopped from very begin and it is needed to clearly say NO! That is why our intention from begin is to do things differently and create new creative space for new possibilities.

Therefore since the beginning of our activities sale will be reduced to minimum as possible in order to create and test a completely new operating model. So how is it possible to get the instrument?

There is offer of short-term or long-term rental service to provide most optimised opportunity to be able provide as much instruments to as much players as possible. Rented instrument cannot be rented as it is done by club.

There are  following forms of offers:

Rentals in local club

The assumption is that this form of getting of instrument will be mostly used by wide audience. Instruments are maintained in local clubs where will be dedicated responsible “shepherd”. He will ensure that the instrument will be on time and in the prescribed condition and will be provided to player who wishes to rent a particular instrument.

The pilot project is held in Košice, Slovakia and after initial tuning of all initial issues idea can be expanded wherever certain group of people will show their interest and current possibilities of production of instruments will be able to cover such request.

As part of club activities there will be organising occasional workshops where it will be explained how to play instruments, compose simple melodies and how to handle the instrument.

Financial reward for rental service will be main income for financing of production of next instruments and to support club activities, but it does not need to be done only this way. Other forms of reward for rental can be discussed personally.

From the time perspective, it is rather a short-term rental, usually from one month to cca six months. This is sufficient time to make sure that there is sufficient knowledge of particular instrument scale and to achieve a sufficient level of experience while playing.  After such time it is useful to switch to a different instrument and start exploring new dimensions of another scale.

Rent for educational activities

Everybody needs in some way to start exploring how to play on this instrument and however easy it looks you need to go through an initial process of learning. New player can faster gain good style of play when guided by more experienced player.

This option of rental service is meant for art schools and universities, or other educational institutions which wish to cooperate. Way of cooperation and rental will be assessed case by case and it is necessary to do discuss further details in person.

Rent for medical and charity activities

This form of rental service is meant for players who already mastered technique of playing and have prepared a sufficient repertoire of songs or otherwise enriched and interesting program that could be used for such specific services. Target group could be for example hospices, retirement houses, or even a small gigs for autistic children and so on.

Return value for such lease of instrument will activity itself done by recent instrument holder. If this particular person cannot perform such activities, rent contract will be terminated and another person will have a chance to continue in such volunteering activity.

Time this way of rental is meant for a longer period of time as to create a certain musical dramaturgy takes time. Way of cooperation and rental will be assessed case by case and it is necessary to personally arrange the details.

Rent for concerts and other performances

This type of rentals service is meant for individuals who have enough time and space for intense playing of this instrument. Main condition of participation in this style of rental is regular participation on rehearsals and concerts, which will be organised within club or other club activities. Part of the optimal usage of instrument will be ability to share instrument among other players in ensemble.

One of ways how to get instrument is to compose musical ideas for subsequent rehearsing or arrangement of existing songs to available scales. For this purpose there were be various techniques available for learning  (recorded videos for the given instruments, application to trains given composition …).

From time perspective instrument will be provided for long period of time and if the player do not participate on rehearsals or concerts it will be passed to another member of ensemble.

Gifted instrument

There are many different reasons why instrument should be left to specific person for a very long time. One reason may be that a musician has already recorded a large repertoire of songs the interpretation of which requires a particular instrument with a particular scale.

Another reason might be the support for promotion and that person will often appear in public which will help to further publicity.

One way to be gifted with instrument is a chance to win it in lottery. This option can be used to occasionally generate some funding for further development and support of clubbing activity. Particular person will be randomly picked from ones that bought entrance to the draw. How often this opportunity will appear is up to maker and also the form of the lottery will be up to the maker.

After a personal agreement is possible to make an exchange for another gifted instruments that would from various reasons fit better.

Gifted instrument cannot be rented as it is done by club.

Gifted instrument can be only gifted to someone else, it cannot be sold anymore!

Purchase instrument

So far plan is that there will be no waiting list. It is very time consuming to maintain all communication and negotiation as long many of inquiries are not real intentional buyers.  Other serious individual inquiries will be processed as time and all consequences will allow to respond.

Maker will also offer instruments for sale that are already built. Price will be specific for each instrument and will be announced along with instrument.

Price includes instrument itself freshly tuned, soft case, optionally high or low stand and protection oil rag, flyer with additional information about usage. Price also include one additional tuning if necessary.

Buyer agrees that the instrument will not be sold more expensive than it was bought from the maker and this obligation applies to all subsequent owners, so that in any resale this condition will be mentioned to new owner of instrument. Maker would like to kindly ask potential seller to ask maker as first if he wants to get instrument back. If from any reason maker of instrument cannot use this opportunity, seller can sell instrument to anyone, still for same price!

Payment is required before sending package to buyer. Potential buyer will get video recording of instruments in advance so he can be sure what he gets.